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Location Sound Packages

Sound Devices 633 - 6 input, 4 output, 10 track recorder/mixer with time code. Records monophonic or polyphonic wav files and timecode stamped mp3's


Time Code sync


Deneke TS-C Time Code Slate with Back Light


Lectrosonic UHF wireless systems

Tram TR-50 microphones

Sennheiser EK/SK wireless microphone system


Sennheiser 416 shotguns,  Gitzo Carbon Fiber Boom Poles Rycote Softie and Full Zeppelin Windshields


Sony MDR-7506 Headphones, Comtek wireless monitor systems

Shure FP33, PSC and Mackie mixers


4-Zoom H4N Digital 2-Track Hard Disk Recorders



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